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8 tips on how to print and hang photographs and a print sale!

we were chatting with a client the other day about ways to effectively hang your photographs, and it reminded us of this helpful blog post we put together about 8 tips on how to print and hang photographs.  it really is easy, and a great way to decorate your home. you have your wedding pictures and your family portraits, then add in instagram, pictures from vacations and holidays, not to mention old family photographs. and where are they?  you want to enjoy them and not just every day, but how? photos were meant to be seen and enjoyed. you can’t do that if they’re stuffed in a shoe box in the closet or a hard drive somewhere.  we  have a revelation for you, print and hang those bad boys! now that you’ve got a stack of framed prints and several blank walls, the real work begins : what goes where?  we like bedrooms for personal and wedding images and family pictures in living rooms, but don’t worry, there are no rules. take a look at some suggestions we’ve put together for you, and get to hanging those photographs!

. planning it out .

so you have some pictures in mind but don’t know where to start. before you pull out the hammer and start making holes in the walls, get a roll of brown craft paper and trace the shapes of the frames, then cut the shapes out and experiment with placing the paper shapes on the wall and see what arrangement you prefer. if you want to get really fancy, you can download this app to help envision your gallery!


are you constantly running into the “problem” of having too many cute pictures of your kids, dogs, etc? making a collage out of those images makes  a really great display for a more informal, fun look. great for bedrooms, offices, etc!creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan.canvas.

canvases are beautiful and have really nice texture. because they have dimension to them, it gives a nice off-the-wall look and since they don’t even need to be framed, it’s a money saver too! we also love canvases on our kitchen and bathroom walls, and while very high humidity is not the best for your canvas print, they can withstand some humidity better than a paper print and most can be wiped clean with a soft clean cloth.creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan.mantle.

a mantle isn’t a mantle if there aren’t any pictures on top of it! grab some of those extra frames laying around your house, anchor the arrangement with a key photo and then flatter that image with photographs on either side. no mantle, no problem! we also love those “floating” shelves that are great for prints of all sizes to lean on. better yet, it’s super easy to swap them out for new ones when you need a change!


one of our favorite arrangements is a nice clean symmetrical 2×2 grid. just grab four images that are complimentary and hang them together. It’s clean cut and simple but also pleasing to the eye, which makes it great for kitchens and office spaces.creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan.straight lines.

playing off of ordinary lines like the back of the sofa, a console table or bar is a great, easy way to hang. when it comes to hanging photographs, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. use vertical or horizontal lines to compliment a dining room or bathroom space. you can try to line up the bottom of the frames around in one room but don’t make yourself crazy if there are a lot of things breaking up the space like doors or furniture, just line up the middle of the frames instead like we did below!creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan.clusters.

clustered photographs are awesome displays of organized chaos. it’s attention-grabbing and puts all that extra wall space to good use. choose an odd number of prints, so you can have a middle focal image anchoring the arrangement and then symmetry on either side. this is a fabulous look for living room spaces, hallways, etc.creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan

. frame variety .

there’s no such thing as too much variety when it comes to frames. having different frames hung together provides the wall with some “pop” and  gives it a nice, eye-catching appeal. we stuck to the same basic palette of gold/black and that ties it all together. it also looks great with older images we wanted to display. you could do all silver frames, or all black or all white in various sizes and shapes. you get the idea. keep your eyes peeled at yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets or go raid your attic and start hanging!creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dan creative photography charleston sc . amelia and dannow you’ve got some great tips on displaying your photographs, we’ve got one more way to help you hang pictures: a sale on prints! Starting today, save 25% off your purchase of $100 or more! visit our website, choose your prints and canvases or select from our collection of fine art images, then enter code 25OFF100 at checkout to save 25%! the code is valid this weekend only – until midnight february 26, 2017 – so don’t waste time hanging around, get your prints and hang them!

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